textlle machine blabes
Cloth cutter blade maintenance
1. Check the cutting blade every day is sharp, if not sharp, with grinding stone grinding. 2. Check the gas line every day for leaks. 3. Check the electrical circuit once a month to maintain good insulat.......Read More..
Textlle cutting machine blade of the operating specifications
First,Operational specification 1, check whether the sharp blade screw loose, and in the track filling oil, lubrication to keep track smooth. 2, the hand can not touch the blade. 3, grinding blade when t.......Read More..
Winding machine blade operation specification
1, winding machine should be specified by the operator, without a permit, non-operators may be used. 2, before you switch on the power switch, let winding machine turns one and two round blade, check tha.......Read More..
Cutting and binding machine blade characteristics
1, circle cutter, kabupan (cloth) motor frequency conversion speed regulation can be any speed and reverse switch control, never sticking to the knife. 2, with double-sided grinding system, without disma.......Read More..
Strip circular knives and small differences
Bundle is a variety of cloth or fabric cut pieces of critical equipment. Qiebuzhong any errors is irreparable, the Conference put forward higher requirements. But more cutting machine main are the follow.......Read More..
How to purchase non-woven slitter blade
Purchase non-woven slitter blade, slitter device status you want to look at itself and, for some stale old slitter equipment, we suggested the use of high-speed non-woven slitter blade. Because the slitt.......Read More..
Cloth cutting blades annealing processing classification and role
Annealing is the cloth cutting blades: blade heat to the temperature and holding time, and then slowly cooled to room temperature. Is primarily used to reduce the hardness of the steel, improve plasticit.......Read More..
Textile circular blades cutting different angles in several ways
Textile circular blades cut based on the viewpoint of different divided into the following categories: First, honestly flat open.this method refers to the cut in thin muslin cloth and cut such that the c.......Read More..
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