textlle machine blabes

textile blades materials

    Shanghai zhengli cutter body of the textile blades alloy steel, tool steel, carbon steel, tungsten steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, inlaid front steel and other high-quality steel,through large-scale air hammer forging, casting,CNC machine tools polished,cutter body strong, wear.according to our textile industry more than 20 years experience in the production of blades and the different requirements of different machines textile industry for blade,add different trace elements on the blade or immersion in different stock solution,blade so that the products having different characteristics,effectively reduce the failure caused by the textile machine blades,extend blades life.

    Shanghai zhengli textile blades edge be customized according to the needs of different machines textile industry,through different production processes,produced textile blades edges have different physical properties,make the edge more resistant, sharp.use shanghai zhengli textile blades can improve production efficiency and cutting quality,effectively guarantee the accuracy of the product.

    If you need blades the textile industry is relatively rare,we also provide customized services,our engineers can help you according to your needs matching blades material and needed for the production process,ensure customized textile blades even better than your previous blades,of course, our prices are very are only required to provide blades drawings or hand-painted artwork,our many years of experience in the production of textile blades engineers will first understand your needs.

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